Performex is a real-time automated assessment tool to evaluate the performance of industrial operators during  both training and assessment sessions. 

The most important characteristic of Performex is the unbiased ranking and marking of actions performed by the trainee. Human judgments can be intrinsically subjective. Consequently, the assessment of operators by trainers is a complex function of trainer-trainee affinity/relationship and is subject to dynamic aspects that depend again on the human and subjective features of that binomial.

Performex has the following features:

  • Integration of Key Performance Indicators
    • Internal weighing among indicators with respect to their significance in the process
  • Safety Based Indicators
    • Internal weighing of indicators with respect to their impact on the overall safety
  • Organization priority based Indicators
    • Internal weighing of indicators according to the company priorities/policies
      • Environment policies
      • Production requirements
      • Organization structure
      • Geographical location and regional demands
  • Integration of Operator Performance Indicators
    • Indicators based on various Human Factors constructs
      • Cognitive skills
      • Physical skills
      • Team working skills
      • Cognitive demands of the task
      • Situation Awareness
      • Distributed Situation Awareness
  • Internal weighing among different indicators
    • Use of Analytic Hierarchy Approach (AHP)
    • Pairwise comparison among various indicators
      • Saaty’s scale for a given scenario
      • Consistency among pairwise comparisons

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