Andrea Isella

Andrea Isella is a PhD student and joined the PSE-Lab in November 2021.

He graduated from Politecnico di Milano with a Master Degree in Chemical Engineering in 2021, with the thesis “A general experimental criterion for the kinetic-free sensitivity analysis of axial flow continuous reactors” developed under the supervision of Prof. Francesco Maestri.

His research will focus on the «Green production of base chemicals» in collaboration with Casale SA, a Swiss company specialized in the technologies and know-how for the production of base chemicals. As part of his research, he will focus on the decarbonization of the production of base chemicals such as ammonia, methanol, nitrates.

He is the tutor of the Chemical Engineering course “Strumentazione e Controllo di Impianti Chimici” (BSc degree, 2022-present) and the assistant tutor of the Chemical Engineering course “Process Systems Engineering” (MSc degree, 2021-present) at Politecnico di Milano.

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