A new Ph.D. position «Green production of base chemicals»

The PSE-Lab is looking for candidates for a Ph.D. position for a research project in collaboration with Casale SA (Lugano, Switzerland) on the green production of base chemicals.

The research project will focus on the decarbonization of the production of base chemicals such as ammonia, methanol, nitrates. The project represents an important step to reduce the carbon footprint of the chemical industry and contribute to reach the Paris Climate Accords goals.

The Ph.D. candidate will employ an integrated process systems engineering approach to innovative green technologies and processes, assessing their environmental and economical feasibility in the production of base chemicals.

The Ph.D. grant lasts 3 years and provides a monthly scholarship of about €1325 during this period. The research project will be carried out in partnership with Casale SA, a Swiss company specialized in the technologies and know-how for the production of base chemicals. The candidate will spend six months at Casale SA, with an increased scholarship of about €1900 while abroad.

The call is open.
You can find all the information about the call and how to apply at the following link:

The Ph.D. position is called “TOWARDS THE GREEN PRODUCTION OF BASE CHEMICALS“, and you can read its full description here.

If you are interested in this position, please apply.
The call is open until October 18th 2021, h14:00.

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