Performance Assessment

The concept of Automated Performance Assessment has been pioneered in the PSE Lab. Skilled operators are an inevitable precondition for ensuring and enhancing safety in the chemical industries. The availability of an automated assessment procedure to measure the achieved degree of vocational training allows disposing of a tool that produces unbiased, neutral, and reproducible results. This assessment procedure can be used as a powerful feedback instrument either by the trainee, to measure his/her training progression and proficiency level, or by the trainer to get an standardized and validated measurement of the trainee preparation and process understanding. Besides supporting the trainer, the results produced by the assessment procedure may help the company managers to schedule operators’ shifts for complex or periodic procedures, planning training courses, recruiting, and possibly taking insurance related decisions.

Following is a brief list of topics covered in PSE Lab under the theme of Performance Assessment

  • Identification of Key Performance Indicators
    • Indicators based on process description
      • Internal weighing of indicators with respect to their significance in the process
    • Safety Based Indicators
      • Internal weighing of indicators with respect to their impact on the overall safety
    • Organization Priority based Indicators
    • Internal weighing of indicators with respect to the organization prioritization
      • Environmental policies
      • Production requirements
      • Organization structure
      • Geographical location and regional demands
  • Identification of Operator Performance Indicators
    • Indicators based on various Human Factors constructs
      • Cognitive Skills
      • Physical Skills
      • Team working skills
      • Cognitive demands of the task
      • Distributed Situation Awareness
  • Internal Weighing among different Indicators
    • Use of Analytic Hierarchy Approach (AHP)
    • Pairwise comparison among various indicators
      • Defining Saaty scale for given scenario
      • Developing consistency among pairwise comparison
  • Real Time Performance Assessment

The tool developed in PSE Lab to evaluate Performance Assessment with above features is called Performex.

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