These are the collections of publications organized according to the main research topics carried out at PSE-Lab and listed in alphabetical order.


CollectionAppliedNumericalMethodsApplied Numerical Methods

Keywords: Applied numerical methods; Numerical calculus; Algorithms; Algebraic systems (AE); Ordinary Differential Equations (ODE); Differential and Algebraic Equations (DAE); Multidimensional optimization; Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP); Case studies; Object oriented programming; Procedural programming; Algorithms; Optimization of the CPU time.


CollectionOptimizationData Reconciliation and Optimization

Keywords: Data Reconciliation; Model identification; Coaptation; Optimization; Optimal design; On-line optimization; Supervision; Continuous processes; Batch processes; Soft sensors; Price/cost models; Linear regressions; Nonlinear regressions; Redundancy of measures.


CollectionDCDDynamic Conceptual Design

Keywords: Conceptual design; OPEX terms; Price/Cost fluctuations; Market uncertainty; Raw materials; Final products; Byproducts; Utilities; Electric energy; Crude oil; Dynamic economic potentials; Economic assessment; Price forecast; Feasibility study; Distribution of economic scenarios; Fan chart; Correlograms; Autocorrelograms.


CollectionIncinerationIncineration Processes

Keywords: Design; Simulation; Control; Data reconciliation; Optimization; Supervision; Incineration plants; Rotary kiln; Primary kiln; Drum kiln; Grate kiln; Postcombustion chamber; Waste heat boiler; Superheater; Steam drum; Preheater; Air heater; Venturi scrubber; HCl absorber; DeNox; CatOx; Stack; Micropollutants; Municipal waste; Waste blending; Inverse response compensation; Discontinuous operation; Constrained optimization; Coaptation; Model identification; Thermography; Thermographic image recognition.


CollectionSafetyIndustrial, Transport, and Municipal Safety

Keywords: Industrial safety; Transport safety; Municipal safety; Safety Reports; Seveso Directives; Industrial accidents; Accident simulation; Event reconstruction; BP Texas City even reconstruction; Viareggio LPG accident reconstruction; Train derailment; Depressurization; Liquid emission; LPG flash; Dense gas dispersion; Pool spreading; Pool fire; Flash fire; Explosions; Overpressure; Seismic wave; Radiation; Thermal load; Emergency rescue vehicles; Safety thresholds; IDLH; LOC; ERPG; LC50; LD50; Toxic concentration; Flood risk; Road tunnel risk; Multirisk analysis; Urban planning; Emergency response; Emergency preparedness; Decision making;  Risky environments; Risky situations; Abnormal situation management; Operator training; Operator training simulation; Control room operators; Field operators; Trainer; Trainee; Vocational training; Industrial training; Virtual reality (VR); Augmented Virtual Reality (AVR); Accident simulation; Plant Simulator (PS); Immersive virtual environments.


CollectionSimulationModeling and Simulation

Keywords: Modeling; Simulation; Steady‑state models; Dynamic models; First principle models; Black-box models; Artificial Neural Networks (ANN); Numerical models; Case studies; Distillation systems; Batch distillation; Incineration plant; Combustion processes; Drug delivery systems; Reverse reactors; Simulated moving bed reactors (SMBR); Reverse osmosis; Accident simulation; Event reconstruction; Industrial accidents; BP Texas City accident; Viareggio accident.


CollectionTrainingOperator Training and Training Assessment

Keywords: Operator training; Operator training simulation; Control room operators; Field operators; Performance assessment; Automated performance assessment; Weighing criteria; Situation awareness; Distributed situation awareness; Performance indicators; Key performance indicators (KPI); Operator performance indicators (OPI); Decision support system; Trainer; Trainee; Vocational training; Industrial training; Virtual reality (VR); Augmented Virtual Reality (AVR); Accident simulation; Plant Simulator (PS); Immersive virtual environments.


CollectionPharmaPharma Processes

Keywords: Modeling; Simulation; Microencapsulation process; Drug release; Polymer and copolymer solutions; Particle coating; Drug delivery; Controlled release; Active principles; Mechanochemical activation; Perforated pans; Granulation; Evaporation; Drying systems; Soft sensors; Process Analytical Technologies (PAT); Optimal trajectory; Recipe; Production control; At-line control; In-line control; On-line control; Pharmacokinetics; Physiologically Based PharmacoKinetic models (PBPK); Compartmental models; Area Under the Curve (AUC); Drug peak concentration.


CollectionProcessControlProcess Control

Keywords: Process control; Multivariable control; Model based control; Model Predictive Control (MPC); Supervisory control; Optimal control; Robust control; Inverse response compensation; Process identification; Black-box models; Artificial Neural Networks (ANN); Distributed Control Systems (DCS).


CollectionITAPubblicazioni in Italiano

Parole chiave: Progettazione; Simulazione; Modellazione; Controllo; Riconciliazione dati; Ottimizzazione di processo; Supervisione di impianto; Identificazione di modello; Monitoraggio di processo; Calcolo numerico applicato; Algoritmi; Metodi numerici; Codice di programmazione; Colonne di distillazione; Impianti di incenerimento; Termovalorizzatori; Termografia; Combustione; Raffinazione petrolio; Caratterizzazione del greggio; Sicurezza industriale; Pianificazione del territorio; Rapporti di sicurezza; Aziende a rischio di incidente rilevante; Direttive Seveso; Ricostruzione eventi incidentali; Incidente presso raffineria BP, USA; Incidente di Viareggio; Trasporto di GPL; Addestramento operatori; Valutazione prestazioni operatori.