Salman Nazir

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Salman Nazir has joined PSE-Lab since 2011. He is currently a research fellow (postdoc) in PSE-Lab. He has been focused on improvement in Industrial Safety by deploying constructs from Human Factors research since last four years. He has received his Masters in Chemical Engineering with focus on Process System Engineering, from Hanyang University, South Korea.

He has successfully finished his PhD (with cum laude) under the supervision of prof. Davide Manca (head of PSE-Lab).

Following are the topics which defines the research focus of Dr. Nazir:

Human Factors
Situation Awareness (SA)
Distributed Situation Awareness (DSA)
Performance Assessment and Analysis
Abnormal Situation Management
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
Operator performance indicators (OPIs)
KPIs and OPIs for measurement of SA and DSA
Training Methods
Performance Management
Performance Evaluation/Assessment
Design of Experiment
Impact of Training Methods on Performance
Operator Training Simulator
Virtual and Augmented Virtual Environments
Analytic Hierarchy Approach (AHP)
Industrial Accidents and their Mitigation
COCOM and CREAM models
Immersive Environment
Spatial Learning
Statistical Methods

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