Giuseppe Pesenti

Giuseppe Pesenti is a PhD student and joined the PSE-Lab in November 2017.

He graduated from Politecnico di Milano with a Master Degree in Chemical Engineering in 2016, with the thesis “Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic model for the oral administration of antihistamines” developed at the PSE-Lab under the supervision of prof. Davide Manca.

His work is focused on physiologically-based pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic models. He is currently working on the development of pharmacokinetic models for antitumoral and antibiotic drugs.

The title of his PhD thesis is “A physiologically-based pharmacokinetic model to improve and extend the clinical administration of drugs to patients with impaired renal function“.

A list of publications can be find on ResearchGate (link) and on the OrcID profile page (link).

He has also been responsible for the development of the PSE-Game (2018-2019), and the tutoring of the Chemical Engineering courses “Strumentazione e Controllo degli Impianti Chimici” (Bachelor Course, 2018-2021) and “Process Systems Engineering” (Master Course, 2020-2021) at Politecnico di Milano.

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