Operator Training Simulators for Extreme Environments


PSE-Lab has participated to the Third Workshop on TRAINING AND ASSESSMENT - Need for paradigm shift, which was held at the University College of Southeast Norway, Research Park, Campus Vestfold, Norway.

The workshop, organized by prof. Salman Nazir took place on May, 4th 2016 and saw the participation of a number of academic and industrial experts who discussed from different perspective on the call for paradigm shift in operator training methods and tools both in the field of maritime and industrial sectors.

PSE-Lab participated with a presentation focused on operators training simulators for extreme environments.

The whole day workshop was complemented by a round table where participants discussed on open issues to improve training and assessment methods.

Prof. Salman Nazir, now head of Targ Lab, was formerly a PhD student at PSE-Lab under the supervision of prof. Davide Manca and worked extensively on industrial safety and training and assessment methods in virtual environments. The cooperation between Targ Lab and PSE-Lab continues on a regular basis and the two research groups are involved in conferences, congresses, workshops, EC applications, and fruitful students exchange programs.

Further information on “Improving systems performance at sea” provides details about the joint forces from the Norwegian and international maritime industry and academics.


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