Training has been a neglected work in process industry as well as in several organizations.

Integrating constructs from Human Factors, Socio-technical Systems,  Learning Theories, Cognitive  Demands, Task Analysis and our experimental studies allow us to develop new training methods or revise existing training methods for the improvement in performance of operators focused on enhancing Safety and Profitability.

The training services dedicated to improvement of Safety can be found here.

We have experimentally found that with modifications and improvements in existing training methods, a significant improvement in performance can be achieved.

In an effort to meet the demand for many different types of training, PSE Lab offers multiple options for our possible customers to get the training they need. For instance, Training Methods for Field Operators, Control Room Operators, Team Training, Training for Start-ups and Shut-downs and Maintenance and Safety Training. We provide services to evaluate the existing training methods, identify the loop holes and propose the modifications which will improve the overall performance of the system.

Some of our experiments and their results are pictorially represented here and further details are available in our published work. Further details can be found here.

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