eRelease – Release simulation of microencapsulated drugs


eRelease is the companion software of eMicro.

eRelease allows simulating the release of microencapsulated active principles in the human body. According to the standardized rules for drug release tests is laboratory, eRelease determines the rate of dissolution of microencapsulated active principles. Subject to to the pairing of polymer coating and active principle, eRelease simulates the diffusion of drug through the coating wall into the aqueous solution that resembles the human body.

The input data based on the granulometric distribution of microencapsulated particles and the coating thicknesses together with the active principle and polymer features can be provided directly by the user or automatically imported from the output results of eMicro.

The output results of eRelease are the dynamic concentration profiles of active principle inside, through the wall, and outside of the particle, the bulk concentration of the drug in the dissolving solution, and the shrinking core diameters of the microencapsulate particles together with the swelling thickness of the coating polymer.


Further information on the Research activity developed in the field of pharmaceutical processes can be found here.

The companion software of eRelease is eMicro.

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