Performex – Automated assessment of industrial operators

For performex

Performex is a software which evaluates the performance of Operators in a systematic, hierarchical, consistent way resulting in quantitative and qualitative data in real time.

The observations and decisions made my humans/trainers are subjective and are function of various parameters for instance emotional states, experiences, experiences on the plant site, impression of trainee, and trainee-trainer relation. Thus,  expertise are developed in our PSE lab to overcome the limitations of existing Performance Assessment methodologies.

The distinct features of Performex to assess the performance based on hierarchical structure, Key Performance Indicators, Operator Performance Indicators, that are put together with systematic internal weighing, make it an exclusive product. Other technical details of Performex can be found here. A representation of Hierarchy is shown in the following figure.



Once Performex is applied to a specific industrial procedure in a chemical plant (for instance the catalyst-injectors switch procedure) it allows measuring and assessing the performance of the operator that run the sequence of actions as shown in the following figure:



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