The so-called SEVESO plants and more in general industrial activities that fall within the classification of EC SEVESO Directive have to prepare a Safety Report. That document is intended for emergency preparedness and emergency planning to help the decision makers decide how to behave in case of accident event according to the top events that the report devises.

The Safety Report allows also the company to keep pace with ever changing laws that acknowledge the EC Directives in terms of industrial safety. The Safety Report is a mandatory document in case of SEVESO plant/activities.


  • Safety Reports
    • EC Seveso Directive
    • Italian laws: D.Lgs. 334/99, 238/2005, D.M. 9-May-2001
      • Safety reports for plants and industrial activities belonging to the EC SEVESO Directive
      • Analysis of existing safety reports
      • Support to municipalities for decision making

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