Decarbonization of gray ammonia production through the Allam power cycle: a techno-economic assessment and optimization

AUTHORS: Andrea Isella, Mattia Forina, Mario Spagna, Davide Manca

ABSTRACT: Ammonia is one of the leading products of the chemical industry worldwide. In addition, its manufacturing is significantly both energy- and emissions-intensive. As ammonia production is heavily based on fossil fuels, its synthesis integration with the Allam power cycle is a promising technology that can lead to substantial decarbonization of the whole process and an important abatement of the electrical energy costs (and indirect emissions). The Allam cycle is a system for high-efficiency power generation with supercritical CO2 working fluid. Its integration into conventional ammonia plants allows for simultaneously producing electricity, water, and pipeline-ready carbon dioxide. An original, improved layout of a gray ammonia plant combined with the Allam power cycle is simulated to run a techno-economic assessment of the process and detect the optimal operating conditions that improve its economic and environmental sustainability.

DOI: 10.1016/B978-0-443-15274-0.50405-4

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