PSE-Lab recently participated to the 12th PSE and 25th ESCAPE Joint Event held in Copenhagen, Denmark from 31 May to 4 June 2015.

The Joint conference received a great success with the participation of over 600 people from most world countries.

We participated with two different contributions:

A keynote presentation by Davide Manca on:

A PSE approach to patient-individualized physiologically based pharmacokinetic modeling

and a poster on:

A crude oil economic model for PSE applications

Both papers can be found and cited as:

  • Roberto Andrea Abbiati, Gaetano Lamberti, Anna Angela Barba, Mario Grassi, Davide Manca, “A PSE approach to patient-individualized physiologically-based pharmacokinetic modeling”, Computer Aided Chemical Engineering, 37, 77-84, (2015)
  • Davide Manca, Valentina Depetri, Clément Boisard, “A crude oil econometric model for PSE applications”, Computer Aided Chemical Engineering, 37, 491-496, (2015)


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