The PSE-Lab selects leading students from around the world to participate and contribute to a doctoral program.

PSE-Lab seeks students who want to work on large, complex, and challenging problems. We look for students who are highly motivated and who want to play an independent role in carrying out their research activity under to supervision and interaction with the faculty members at PSE-Lab.

Research at PSE-Lab is neither repetitive nor standardized. Every PhD candidate is focused on innovative and challenging topics that, from different perspectives, frame the problem within the Process Systems Engineering methods and algorithms.

The PhD candidate learns how to deal with a problem, analyze and model it to extract quantitative information so to critically comment it and eventually shed light on it. The research activity is focused on moving further steps within the scientific community and publish innovative papers on peer-reviewed Journals.

To get further details of the research activities carried out at PSE-Lab please refer to the Research and Publications sections.

A standard PhD application at PSE-Lab follows one of the following alternatives:

  • the PhD candidate is excellent and can win one of the few PhD grants that allows him/her to live in Milan and follow the PhD courses at POLIMI
  • the PhD candidate has an external sponsor (e.g., a company, a firm, a private patron) who pays the salary for him/her together with the annual fees to follow the PhD courses at POLIMI
  • the PhD candidate is able to personally support himself/herself and get the money to travel and live in Milan. PSE-Lab offers to pay the annual fees to follow the PhD courses at POLIMI


There is also the opportunity for different kinds of PhD programs:

  • the Executive PhD: this is a PhD program where the candidate is already working for a company and in accordance with both the Academic and Company supervisors s/he works alternatively at the PSE-Lab and in the company. The Company pays the salary and the annual fees to follow the PhD courses at POLIMI.
  • a Joint PhD program: this is a PhD program that is shared between an international university and POLIMI. At the end of the program the PhD candidate receives a double PhD degree from both the academic institutions. Foreign PhD candidates are welcome to investigate the possibility to get a double PhD degree at PSE-Lab in POLIMI.
  • a PhD position sponsored by your host University/Research Center/Institution/Government

  • a PhD position sponsored by Brazilian Program Ciência sem Fronteiras

  • a PhD position sponsored by Erasmus Mundus

Finally, PSE-Lab is glad to consider a possible hosting of foreign PhD candidates from foreign universities who want to spend a minimum of 6 months at PSE-Lab working on shared topics between their Supervisors and the faculty members at PSE-Lab.

Further details about PhD programs at POLIMI can be found here.

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