The concept of training the operators before starting to work with real operations exists since decades. However, the perspectives in which the Operator Training has been progressing requires significant improvements. The existing training methods have been mostly developed by non-technical personnel resulting in loop holes that subsequently impairs the performance of operators. To name few, lack of integration of technological advancement, lack of integration of cross disciplinary expertise (e.g., Human Factors, cognitive sciences, industrial and organizational psychology, and chemical engineering), and insufficient use of training in simulated abnormal situation and accident scenarios calls for improvement in existing training methods.

The followings are the expertise developed in rubric of Operator Training, since 2011.

  • Design of Operator Training Simulator (OTS) for industrial applications
  • Training Methods Effectiveness
  • Design of Experiment to test training methods
  • Training Methods to improve Performance in terms of
    • Safety
    • Production
    • Profitability
    • Situation Awareness
    • Distributed Situation Awareness

As industrial process are complex systems involving technology, control loops, multilevel interconnections, and operators/humans, thus a systematic approach towards the assessment of performance of operators is developed in PSE Lab. The concept is Performance Assessment and the subsequent tool is Performex.

Combining the expertise of Operator Training and Performance Assessment we developed a tool named Plant Simulator.


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