Microsoft Surface Pro 3



A new tablet has been announced from Microsoft on May 20, 2014.

Its name is Surface Pro 3 and is moving the hedge towards a new paradigm for computing devices.

First of all it features a 12 inch screen capable of 2160 x 1440 pixels with a consequent aspect ratio of 3:2 (i.e. the one adopted by both film and digital Reflex Cameras either DX or FF).

Before Microsoft, a few months ago Samsung proposed a maximized version of its Galaxy tables at 12 inches too.

The difference between Samsung and Microsoft is that the Bill Gates’ company is putting in the heart of the device a real Intel CPU with i3, i5, and even i7 core processors.



A significantly reduced thickness of 9.1 mm and a weight of just 800 g makes the Surface Pro 3 an appealing device. See in the above photo a comparison with a MacBook air. The tablet has also good capabilities of pen input by means of common digitizing pens. A suitable pen can also restore the Surface from standby by simply pressing the top button which launches OneNote.

This laptop and ultrabook replacement can also be connected to a docking station and send the video signal to a 4k monitor. The entry level model costs 799 US$ with an i3 CPU. You will be able to buy one from June 20, in the States.

Further details in this extended review.

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