At PSE-Lab, we are used to provide our Clients with support for decision-making based on a quantitative and often multidisciplinary approach to the problem.

Our Clients need a clear and well-thought response to their problems that can cover a wide range of topics and subjects.

Our Clients ask PSE-Lab for answering the following questions:

  • What is the optimal design layout of a process unit?
  • What is the optimal compromise between capital and operating expenditures?
  • What are the optimal operating conditions of a specific process unit?
  • What is the safety range for the operation of either a chemical process or a process unit?
  • What did exactly happen in that industrial/transportation accident?
  • Would have we avoided that accident?
  • In case of accident what are the consequences on the plant, on the operators, on the environment, on the surroundings?
  • We have got this process. It works but we are not sure how it works, if it is completely safe, what are its margins for improvement. Can you help us?
  • What is the refresh time for optimizing the learning curve of industrial operators?
  • Can you help us with Safety Reports?
  • What is the maximum amount of dangerous substances that respects the safety thresholds assigned by law?
  • Can you determine the composition, pressure, temperature, flowrate of that stream that is lacking any measurement?
  • Can you determine a specific property of my product without running every-time a lab test?
  • Can you predict the dynamic evolution of a process unit when some external disturbances occur?
  • Can you design a completely new equipment to preserve the technological gap with my competitors?
  • Is it possible to understand the economic risk of investing in this technology as a function of market uncertainty and offer/demand fluctuations?
  • Are there any means to improve the efficiency of this process unit?
  • What is the optimal plant layout to reduce the energy consumption while maximizing the economic revenues?
  • How can I reorganize my distribution network to meet the customers’ demand?
  • Is it better technology 1 or technology 2 to commercialize product A in country B along a C-year time horizon?
  • Can you help me in prioritizing a number of actions according to some decision criteria?
  • Can you help determining the effectiveness of current training methods in our organization/industry?
  • Can you help in developing Training methods for our organization/industry?
  • What is the optimal training method for CROPs and FOPs?
  • Can you help us in improving the design of Control Room from Ergonomics perspective?
  • How to improve coordination among operators and technology?
  • How to evaluate the performance of Operators during normal and abnormal situations?
  • How can we avoid abnormal situations and near misses?

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